pGina Login Mask


pGina boot

Instead of showing a login mask as soon as possible, this fork will wait for the pGina service to came up until presenting a login screen. The reason is, without a running pGina service only local administrators are able to login! With that in mind I decided to show a message box until the pgina service is up and running, at least for one minute.

pGina service failed

If a minute has past and the pGina service is still down the login mask is shown, but with an exclamation mark logo. There can be a lot of reasons, like a slow machine, AV scanner, ….

As soon as the pGina service is up the logo is shown, and thats the normal case. pGina boot


The login process is the same as always, but this fork will show another message box saying that the login is in process. pGina boot

If you try to login while the pGina service is down you are limited to local administrators! pGina service failed

If a user tries to login from such a stage he will receive an error message like

user login failed


While the system is booting

If the service state changes from

If the login failed