Http Authentication Plugin Documentation

How it Works

This plugin grabs user credentials and send http(s) request to login endpoint (LP). What is it good for? Well, you can let all logon implementation details to a http(s) server. It does not absolutely matter if the server is written in java, .net (fffufuu:) or python or node.js. Everything it shall do is to decide if a pair of username and password can be logged in. The request shall be application/json encoded POST request. Response (HR) to such request have status:

If response contains groups that exists locally (e.g. ‘administrators’), logged user will be added to that groups.

Example of successful login response body (note the first blank line indicating there is no obstacle to logon):

Gandalg The Gray

Will login gandalf that will then be among local admins (and lecturers and wizards if they exists as local groups).

Implementation details

The HR is cached in auth stage for processing within following stages. Configuration of LP URL can be done with (in this order):