Scripting Plugin Documentation

How it Works

The scripting plugin is able to run any programs at any stage of the login process.

If a program can’t be run an error is returned.

Programs will run in sync (one after another), and the return status will be ignored.

You must ensure that every script is terminating, and doesn’t block the plugin.

This is especially important during logons. If your script is blocking than the whole plugin will block which leads to a pGina block.

If you want to run a program in the background you need to start it trough a launcher.

‘cmd.exe /k’ would block

‘cmd.exe /c start ”” /i cmd.exe /k’ would not

Always consider the Plugin Order


Authentication, Authorization, Gateway

Scripting Plugin Authentication

Event Notification, Change Password

It is possible to run pograms in context of the SYSTEM and the USER, during logon and/or logoff events.

Scripting Plugin Notification