pGina Single User Plugin Documentation

How it Works

The Single User plugin forces all authenticated and authorized users to log on to the machine under a single local account. The account need not exist, but if it doesn’t exist, the Local Machine plugin should be enabled within the gateway stage to manage the creation of the account.

When this plugin is used, it should be placed before the Local Machine plugin in the gateway stage.

This plugin always registers success.


Single User Plugin Configuration

The list of plugins requires the unique ID for each listed plugin. This ID is available under the “Plugins” tab of the main pGina configuration interface.

Consider this

By using this plugin pGina is unable to verify a user during logon as shown here. Pgina can’t detect a loggin off session from this user nor if this user is already logged in and tries to unlock the user. As you can see the Username Modification Plugin runs in stage 3 while the above checks are done in stage 2. Also plugins registered for Notification Events won’t work properly.