SSHAuth Plugin Documentation

How the SSHAuth Plugin Works

The SSHAuth plugin provides pGina services using an SSH server as a data source. The plugin connects to the SSH server and attempts to authenticate as the given user with the “password” authentication method. It is not necessary for the user to be able to open an actual shell or execute commands on the SSH server, but note that SSH authentication stage will return failure if the user shell is set to “/sbin/nologin”.

Known issues


The configuration options for the SSHAuth plugin are described below:

SSHAuth configuration


This SSHAuth plugin for pGina 3.x was developed by David Dumas

This plugin was inspired by a pGina 1.x and 2.x plugin also named SSHAuth developed by Ahmed Obied. However, due to the significant plugin interface changes for pGina 3.x, this plugin was developed from scratch rather than being derived from that codebase.